Whale Shark Trip - Half day

  • Maamigili Reef

Book this excursion trip for a unique experience while on holiday. Maamigili Reef is famous for Spotting Whale Sharks. In fact it has the highest score Whale Sharks all through out the year. Tourists can either watch whale sharks from the boat or snorkel in the waters sourrounding the reef,while taking pictures.

Snorkeling - Half day

  • Dhegaaathila

Major sightings: Batfish,Turtle, Baby Shark, Blue Surgeon Fish, other marine life and amazing corals. Dhegaathila is full of marine life. You can swim with turtles if you are lucky.

Robinson Crusoe Style - South Ari Inn special

  • Overnight stay on a desert Island

Ever dreamed exploring an island with your partner, to lay on the beach gazing at the stars, to dine with candle lights on an open beach, to snorkel vast lagoon abundant with coulrful marine fauna.

This dream is about to come true. Robinson Island will take you to Rah Dhigga booked exclusively for you. Round trip transfer & sleeping tents bonfire with romantic music after are just a part of the programme.

Snorkelling Trip - Half day

  • Manta Point (at Maavaru Reef)

The Manta Point, recognized as one of the best snorkeling spot in the archipelago for those who love to live a breif dream with marine fascinations, even for a brief moment. Be swim with the majestic rays or to spot them is an unforgettable magical experience.

Mandhoo House Reef

  • Mandhoo Island

Discovering Mandhoo House Reef by snorkelling is a must while on Mandhoo! See different kinds of fishes and true vibrancy of the coral and marine habitat. Don’t miss this adventurous experience. It’s quite simply another world.

Pineapple Island - Half day

  • Pineapple Island

Nobody lives there. If lovers really do want to spend time alone it’s the perfect deserted Island. If you are determined beach hunter, snorkeler, sunbather you have come to the right place.

Excursion - Full day

  • Resort Island

Visit Resort Isand, Snorkel at Dhiggaa Reef and round up the excursion with a picnic Island and have a BBQ lunch on the beach. At Rah Dhiggaa lagoon of warm crystal -clear water with pure white sandy beach and thousands of fish swimming above coral reefs awaits you.

Sunset Fishing

  • Mandhoo Island

Drop your fishing line with bait and wait for a short while for your catch of the day! Most commonly caught fishes include red snapper, saddletail snapper, grouper travell, Jack fish, barracuda etc. End your fishing experience with a barbaque of your catch.

Snorkelling Trip 1

  • Bulhalhohi House Reef

A natural wonder, the surrounding reef close by the island is calm and teeming with every type of sea life that the Atoll has to offer. The most amazing snorkelling spot in South Ari Atoll is literally the front yard of this island.

Snorkelling Trip 2

  • Alithila

A must book experience. Eager to come across manta rays, blacktip reef sharks, clownfish in their anemones? Do you crave to see schools of angelfish, and blue surgeonfish? Do you want to capture colorful photos of green turtles and hawksbill sea turtles?

Big Game Fishing - Half day

  • Mandhoo Island

Mandhoo’s West Channel is Home to many varieties of game fishes. Namley Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish & Barracuda. Onboard with our talented crew you will naturally become a Master of Bigame Fishing.